Big Problems Deserve Big Answers!


Welcome to the home of the Big Problems Podcast! Do see problems every day? Then this is the place for you! It’s no secret that there are problems all around us, some are big and some are small, but no problem is too small for the Big Problems Podcast. Big problems deserve big answers, and that’s what we find. We find big answers to common and uncommon problems alike.


What are your big problems? Are you trying to decide what to do with your life, or do you just need to solve the debate over which way the toilet paper roll goes on the holder? You’ll enjoy the discussion and find the answers to these problems and more when you listen to the Big Problems Podcast.


The Big Problems Podcast began in the early years of Joe and Ellie’s marriage. Honestly, it was birthed through their lively debates and fights over the big and small problems of life. Everyone sees problems through a different lens and seeks answers from a different angle. In fact, some problems aren’t even considered problems by everyone. Who would have ever thought? These are the things you learn in marriage and as you start receiving requests from people to discuss problems you never categorized as a problem. But if someone thinks it’s a problem, it’s clearly worth discussing, and that just what we do. No stupid problems here. A problem is a problem. Period.


We enjoy debating subjects of all varieties. Join us as we identify common problems, big and small alike. We discuss these problems, examining them from every angle, and look for solutions. The problems we talk about are common, every day problems. No problem is too small for a solution. If you have a problem you need help solving, send us a message here.


Joe and Ellie found that together, with their two perspectives, they could better understand the problems people face every single day. They may not always come to the same final conclusion, but it is always a better informed conclusion than before once they understand the concerns of the other.


Sometimes, the problems we discuss are funny, and sometimes they are serious. Sometimes the problems are major, and other times, they are very minor problems. Often, the discussion is light hearted, but sometimes, it is very difficult and heavy. We discuss problems that arise not only in our everyday lives but also the problems you send to us. We have discussed problems such as:

  • Global warming
  • How to save money and live on a budget
  • Why there’s never enough time in the day
  • Who should be responsible for different household duties
  • Who should pick up the dirty socks on the bedroom floor
  • And many, many more


Do you have problems? Would you like to hear them discussed on a podcast and hear others’ perspectives? Let us know! We want to discuss problems that are relevant to our listeners. What better way is there to be sure our podcasts are relevant than to our listeners than to answer their own, real-life questions. So don’t be shy. We want to hear from you!